Saturday, September 10, 2011

Run Yank Run 049: In Sweden

Welcome to my first ever multi-person episode of the podcast. Join me and Krister from the Running The Narrow Path podcast as we run through the Swedish forest and farm roads.

It was a fantastic trip and Krister and his family were wonderful hosts.

Krister going like the wind

Usually when podcasters try to record themselves and another person on a run, the other person is very quiet since the microphone is so far away. Well, I tried something different. I put a mic and the Nano on Krister and recorded myself in the usual way. I assumed that since both recording devices are digital, they would stay in sync once I linked them up in editing. No. They drift.

So every minute or so I needed to adjust a track by a couple of milliseconds to minimise phasing, etc. Lots of work but I think it paid off.

Also, the mic I gave Krister wasn't properly shielded from the wind.

But hey, lessons learned and I do think it was a good experiment. PLUS, nothing can take away from the fabulous trip and the great, peaceful runs Krister and I had.

Once again, we're coming up on the 50th episode of the Run Yank Run podcast, so, if you are a listener and would like to send in something to be included in a special 50th episode extravaganza, then send it to

Send me an audio file (any format), something to read out, heck, even pictures I can post to the blog. Anything is welcome.

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