Friday, July 17, 2009

Run Yank Run 010: Race Pace

The podcast has hit double digits with episode 10, and coincidentally I ran the London 10K last Sunday. My official time chip time was 51:24 with a gun time of 1 hour, 25 minutes. The race was REALLY crowded and as you can see from the gun time it took over 30 minutes just to cross the start line and begin running after they started! I did a lot of weaving around walkers and people in costumes etc. Makes me long for the Peachtree Road Race's time corrals. Guess I got spoiled getting to run up front. Wah wah, poor baby.

This week was another trip to Paris for project meetings - this time a day trip starting with a cab ride at 4:15am but it was a good, productive day.

In other running news I started training for the Worldwide Festival of Races Half Marathon in October. Of the many plans to chose from, I went with the Nike+ Coach since they are very strict of mileage and exact day of each run. I figure I could use the discipline and motivation! Also, I chose the Beginner plan since I have finally accepted the fact that I am over a year behind in mileage and frequency and must gradually build back up. This will force me to limit myself and not go hog wild as I see I tend to do. The last thing I want to do is injure myself... again.

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  1. Paul, I am an Ultramarathon runner and used to live, and grew up in Barnes, near Hammersmith.
    I am fasinated by your descriptions of the runs in your area, the riverside pubs, and the traffic and navigation around a part of world that I grew up in.
    I love making running videos, check me out at Runcast TV my alias is "The Jackal"
    keep it up man I love it!
    ps I am also on Blogspot

  2. Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for writing! You have my sincere respect - ultras are very impressive and I admire your discipline and fitness.

    Heading over to Runcast now to see your videos...


  3. Paul,

    Finally listened to the show on my run this morning. Great job on the podcast!

    Sounds like the 10K was a nightmare start!