Monday, July 27, 2009

Run Yank Run 011: Vroom Vroom

Vroom vroom... watch out England, I'm driving! If you see a minivan full of people driving aimlessly in circles on a busy roundabout, that will be us... ha!

But seriously, we got the car on Thursday of last week. My first drive was kinda scary in that the minivan isn't so mini (about the size of a Honda Odyssey) and our neighborhood streets are really narrow. Not knowing the width of the car, I drove like an old lady. I'm happy to say I stayed in the lefthand lanes when turning (this required concentration).

Anyway, several practice drives later I took the kids on an excursion and they are thrilled to be mobile again. This is the start of weekend getaways, camping, and general freedom of movement not possible with mass transit.

In running news, I had a brilliant 4 mile run on the early-morning Paris streets, the highlight of which was the smell of baking bread. Oh my!

This podcast is mostly recorded during a 7 mile training run on Sunday in which I explored a new run route east of Chiswick Bridge. It was a lovely path along the river that lead to a river walk near Hammersmith. I will definitely be going that way again.

It was really windy during that run and the planes landing at Heathrow were constant, but I think that still beats the constant car noise from a commute run recording.

Speaking of recording, I ordered a breakout cable and mic from Giant Squid Audio Labs. They should be waiting for me in the States when I get there later this week. I'm pretty excited about this - should improve the quality of these recordings.

So the next episode will be coming to you from the US - we fly there on Thursday.

Hope all are well!

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"Paris" by Friendly Fires

"You Start It" by The Monikers

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