Sunday, January 9, 2011

Run Yank Run 037: Muddy Sunday

Happy 2011. This episode is pretty long at almost an hour, but when you run 10 miles on a Sunday and haven't put out an episode in a while I guess there's a lot to say.

In this one I talk about some running goals for 2011 including a full marathon and perhaps a 50 mile ultra, and the possibility of swimming the English Channel as part of a relay! That last one is unlikely, but hey, a guy can dream, right?

I also talk about the new Nike+ GPS watch and my new and as-yet untested Vivo Barefoot running shoes from Terra Plana.
I'll be testing these badboys tomorrow on a short commute run.

Lastly, I'm sorry to announce the end of an era - Nigel has decided to hang up his podcasting hat and retire the Running From The Reaper podcast - the one that inspired me to start this lil ole podcast. Nigel, you will be missed.

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Featured Song:
"Running Around The World" by Dread Dayz

"You Start It" by The Monikers


  1. I will listen to this episode soon, I have to throw together a movie right now.

  2. Been snowed in for three days so it was nice to listen to you while I worked in the woodshop today. I laughed out loud at all of your glitchy, gloppy surprises.

  3. Great to see the new podcast. I will be taking you with me on my first 10k Saturday in Dallas Texas... the Snowman Shuffle.

  4. Hi Kathy, thanks for listening and good luck in your first 10K! Let me know how you did. Love the name, Snowman Shuffle.

  5. I know that mud on the tow path, iy can get pretty sticky!
    I sent you a photo of the view of the flats where I used to live as a kid.
    Riverview Gardens SW13.