Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Run Yank Run 012: Hot Stuff

Hi everybody, I am finally uploading Episode 12 of Run Yank Run. This one has been a beast to produce - I attempted recordings 4 different times and had to abandon and start over each time. Either the ipod got wet and stopped working, recorded garbage, or whatever.

The big story for this episode is the fact that we are in the US now. The kids did SO well on the flight over and I'm very proud of them. It is strange being back - everything is so very familiar and yet different!

I am making my way through all kinds of junky comfort food that I had been thinking about since our move to the UK. It's a gross list of fast food and junk food and I know I'm not doing myself any favors, but dagnabit it sure tasted good. I am on a food holiday.

On the training front I am sticking acceptably close to my training schedule and even managed to complete the running frequency goal I set in Nike+ (although I had to sneak a few extra/aternate runs in there to make it).

My first longer run was last Sunday morning - I went out early before it got hot and ran 7.5 miles. It felt fantastic and my legs had plenty of reserves. It was humid though and occasionally rained on me, but I didnt care - it was great to get out there and pound some good ole Atlanta hills.

I had to delay this week's long run to Monday for various reasons and after a frantic freeway drive to catch up to my wife and kids to retrieve my passport as they left on their road trip, I only had a 3:00 pm window to run. It was 90 degrees.

My ipod started malfunctioning again - remote button got wet from sweat and starting randomly pausing/resuming Nike+. Add to that I was getting seriously overheated so I cut the run short at 6 miles instead of the 8 I was supposed to do.

Whatever - I got out there and I ran despite the odds, so I'm happy.

I am writing these show notes in the Dallas airport on the way to Costa Rica and plan to record some there as well. I don't want to get podcasters block and plan on releasing episode 13 in short order, just to get the pace of production back up.

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