Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Run Yank Run 014: Long Run

This episode sets the record for the longest Run Yank Run episode to date - 51 minutes of riveting non-stop action!

All of this witty and insightful banter takes place on a 10.5 mile training run through the hills of Decatur and Tucker, Georgia early on a Sunday morning. This was the longest run I have completed since running the ING marathon in March of 2008, so I feel I have turned a corner and am now starting to be a distance runner again!

Pleased to report that other than general muscle soreness, I didn't have any problems with knees, shins, ankles, or anything else, so I think the slow-and-steady buildups of miles and the unnaturally restrained approach is paying off.

During my rest break at mile 6 I was roped into a very strange conversation with a gentleman who just walked up and started talking to me outside the gas station where I was sipping on my Powerade. I chopped this very long conversation down to a few key interactions, since he chatted me up for almost five minutes and covered our families, work history, pet preferences, and exercise habits.

He was actually very friendly and an upbeat person, but I was gasping, sweaty, and "in the zone" so I hope I wasn't being too standoffish!

This was my last run in the US - we are now back in Blighty and it feels great to be home. I will be recording our homecoming episode with highlights of the trip and some impressions on being back.

Thanks everyone for listening, and keep running!

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