Monday, November 16, 2009

Run Yank Run 020: Keepin' On

Well, the hits just keep on coming, except when it comes to producing this podcast! I want to apologize to those of you still checking in on me for the lack of episodes or updates lately. Life has just kept on being crazy.

I have good news though! I have been running again and it feels great. Last Saturday I did an 8+ miler then got in a 6.6 and a 10K. My legs feel strong and it was great to be moving again!

The time change happened and now it is pitch dark by 4:45 every day, so my evening commute runs are done in darkness. I have kitted out with a headlamp, red blinker light facing backwards on my backpack, a reflective anklet and the ubiquitous hi-viz flourescent green jacket with reflective bits. If cars can't see me this way I don't know what else would work!! I feel a little silly like a gaudy Christmas tree or something, but safety first.

No runs this weekend although I had planned to. Two of the kids were sick and my wife Rebecca as well, so we all holed up in the house and watched movies basically all weekend.

Needless to say I'm ready to run.

This weekend and most of today has seen some pretty impressive weather rolling through, with wind gusts of 75mph and even a bit of hail one morning. Thankfully the wind has died down now so it shouldn't be too gusty for me on tonight's run.

I have been chipping away at producing a podcast about the World Festival of Races Dream Inspires run we did in Oxford, but the anount of material to edit and the required voiceover to explain what the heck is going on at any given time has really slowed that down... perhaps I'll rethink how I am approaching coverage of that excellent event.

Stay well, stay happy, stay running!

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