Thursday, December 10, 2009

Run Yank Run 023: Take Three

Wow, two episodes in a week! Well, I really wasn't pleased with the way the Olympus directional mic sounded so I went to a local store and picked up a headset microphone and a windscreen. On the next commute run I recorded more material with the new mic and found I had enough for a whole other episode, so there you are.

While this new mic has even less car noise than the directional one, I have to work on where it is positioned because I am huffing and puffing right into it. I did my best to minimize the breath sounds but they are still there for this episode (sorry). I also look like an aerobics instructor. Whatever.

So my Christmas present arrived early! I ordered an Altura Night Vision Evo rain jacket for running and even with free shipping it arrived the very next day! Gotta love that. I wore it for the first time this morning and it fits and runs well. It is covered in reflective tape and even comes with a detachable strobing light, so I should be plenty visible on those pitch-dark evening commute runs.

In this episode I speak about the Run Net Community, a concept around this emerging group of Internet-connected runners who are active in blogs, podcasting, Twitter, etc. To learn more about it, check this link: Run Net Community

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Featured Song:
"Apathy and Empathy" by Uncle Meat and the Highway Children

"You Start It" by The Monikers

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