Thursday, August 11, 2011

Run Yank Run 047: No Breath

Well it's Sunday long run time again, so I headed out the door on a rainy day to log some miles. BUT, my body had other plans. I only made five miles or so. I just didn't have any lung capacity. I got a case of the flu a week ago and I'm starting to think perhaps it was actually mild pneumonia. I feel better now but my heart rate was too high and I felt out of breath, so I cut the run short. Well, frequency over duration, right?

In this episode I talk about switching back to the Garmin, a new service I found that converts Garmin data into Nike+, and mention a site called Home Run London that organises group runs and will even handle baggage for you (I havent tried it yet but was tipped off by Claudia who left a comment on this blog).

I have a ticket to ride (again) to visit with Krister from the Running The Narrow Path podcast in Sweden at the end of the month and I'm really excited about that.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the London riots, thankfully that has died down.

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"Born, Got Breath" by the Jonathan Burks

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  1. Did you look to see if air quality/pollution was particularly bad in London that day? Might affect your lungs and heart rate, and it's probably quite variable from day to day, week to week...